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    Sin City Police Department Roster


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    Sin City Police Department Roster

    Post  Zyroke on Wed Dec 16, 2009 11:10 pm

    Sin City Police Department Official Roster

    SCPD Chief

    -Zyroke Lakon as of 12/16/09

    SCPD Dep. Chief

    Thierry Fournier as of 12/19/09

    SCPD Captain

    SCPD Lieutenant

    Eric Scofield as of 12/17/09

    SCPD Sergeant

    SCPD Sr. Officer

    SCPD Officer

    -Wake Kipper as of 12/19/09
    -Jimmy C. Lee as of 12/18/09
    -Oswald Spectre as of 12/17/09
    -Taylor Andre as of 12/17/09
    -Gwythr Yates as of 12/16/09
    -Axel Zeldowa as of 12/16/09

    SCPD Explorer

    This roster will be kept up to date to the best of my ability.

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