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    Sin City Police Department Lawlist.


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    Sin City Police Department Lawlist. Empty Sin City Police Department Lawlist.

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    Sin City Police Department Set List of Laws

    Everything that posted here is a rough measurement. The punishments and fines can and will most likely vary from officer to officer, and to the extent in which the crime was performed. For example, if a man robbed our local Walmart armed, hes most likely facing a great deal of time. If he opened fire and wounded an officer, that time would be bumped. Worse case scenario, is if he opened fire and wounded civilians and officers. Another variable is how many weapons the criminal had on them. Also, note that surrendering will surely be rewarded. ((On an OOC Note, times and fines will also be varied on the idea of what kind of RP was involved. If its poor RP, such as rob spamming as well, the times will be bumped. Lets say you took the situation you put yourself in, and handled it well, that will also decrease any punishment that lies ahead.))

    Law / Fine / Time

    Armed Robbery
    Armed Assault
    Usage of Illegal Items
    Possession of Illegal Items

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