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    Demoz's Admin Application

    Demoz Wintersun

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    Demoz's Admin Application

    Post  Demoz Wintersun on Thu Dec 17, 2009 9:16 pm

    Real Name: Kyle

    Real Age: 14 1/2

    Name: Demoz Wintersun

    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:19518362
    Example RP post (4 lines minimum):

    Demoz Wintersun and Trevor Cling walk into a diner.
    Demoz walked over to the front desk and said, "Seat for two," to the waiter.
    "Okay, come with me," replied the waiter
    They reached their seats.
    Demoz said, "Trevor sit and be ready, We'll do it when were done eating."
    "Okay," replied Trevor as Demoz walked to the front.
    Twenty-Five minutes later they finished their dinner.
    "Okay Trevor, It's time," whispered Demoz
    "Okay," replied Trevor
    They both ran to the front desk,
    They pulled two pistols out of their jacket pockets and said, "Get on the ground, Nobody Move!"
    "What do you want," pleaded the manager
    "All the money you have," yelled Trevor
    "We only have 500$ with us right now!"
    "Okay, Okay, Okay!" replied the manager
    "Follow me, Now, quickly," replied the manager
    All three of them ran to the back room, opened a vase, and there was 10,000$
    They took it and ran off into the back alleys of the city before anyone at the diner could report them.

    What is admin abuse?: Admin abuse. Admin abuse is when an admin abuses his powers to give him an advantage over other players in the server.

    Give an example of admin abuse: Example #1: An admin creates himself 100,000$ when no one is on the server, and buys a property.
    Example #2: An admin deletes a property, then recodes it so he is the owner, then sells it cheaper then it was and gets a profit.
    Example #3: Bans a perfectly fine RP'er for his own reasons, even if something happened in another server

    Correct this line:
    billy bob waz goin 2 b an admin but didnt lern enough english 2 b gud enuf.
    Correction: Billy Bob was going to be an admin but, didn't learn enough English to be good enough.

    Tell me why you want to be an admin(1 paragraph MINIMUM):
    I want to be admin because I want to help the server from dm'ers. Now that the server is getting more popular ever day, that also means more non - rp'ers will start coming to ruin everyone's fun. One other reason I want to be admin is that I can make my decisions on the situation that is happening in the current rp. I do not abuse, I only use my admin privileges to make the role playing experience better to the players on the server at the time. If two people are fighting and screwing up the role playing then I will break them up and get the role playing going again. I wish to make the server fair to everyone (No Exceptions). I wish to make sure there are only role players coming in to role play, and make sure that the people that do not feel like role playing get taken out of the server. I want to keep everyone calm and keep peace in the server. I am a pretty strict admin, if you do something wrong when I'm around then one warning, and a punishment. I will give warnings to players for using ooc for ic, and or ic for ooc. I am also a 'strict role player' at times, but most of the time I'm an easy going fun role player and admin. I will keep the server role playing and have fun.

    Thanks I Hope You Liked It!

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    Re: Demoz's Admin Application

    Post  Central on Thu Dec 17, 2009 9:18 pm

    Below age threshold.
    Denied, for now.

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