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    Admin Application Format


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    Admin Application Format

    Post  Central on Tue Dec 15, 2009 6:17 am

    Understand this.
    You will not get admin.
    Do not assume that you will.
    You apply understanding that 99% of you will not get admin.
    You apply understanding I will not pull punches pointing out flaws, for the userbase will not pull them in exaggerating your flaws. When you become an admin here, you represent the pinaccle of what an admin should be - someone who administrates. You will not abuse, because I have chosen you -and if you do, I wont be very tolerant.

    The format is as follows:



    Example RP post (4 lines minimum):

    What is admin abuse?:

    Give an example of admin abuse:

    Correct this line:
    billy bob waz goin 2 b an admin but didnt lern enough english 2 b gud enuf.

    Tell me why you want to be an admin(1 paragraph MINIMUM):

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