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    James Hermits Admin Application


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    James Hermits Admin Application

    Post  Hermit on Tue Dec 15, 2009 4:10 pm

    Name: James Hermit.

    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:14661720

    Example RP:
    Pedro Leonardo: Sits on a bench eating his sandwich.
    David Henry: Notices the man sitting on the bench.
    David Henry: Approaches the man.
    Pedro Leonardo: Places his sandwich down and looks up at the mans face.
    David Henry: Hello my good chap, nice evening, wouldn't you say so?
    Pedro Leonardo: I agree, my friend, and you are?
    David Henry: My name is Mr. Henry, may I ask yours young man?
    Pedro Leonardo: My name is Pedro, would you like to join me?
    David Henry: It's quiet alright, I've eaten recently, but thank you for offering.
    Pedro Leonardo: I have another sandwich, I really don't mind.
    David Henry: Nods his head.
    David Henry: Alright, I assume I can, it will only be a few minutes.
    Pedro Leonardo: Digs threw the basket searching for a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich.
    Pedro Leonardo: Hands Mr. Henry his sandwich.
    David Henry: Thank you, my friend.
    David Henry: Sits down on the old wooden bench.
    David Henry: So, David asks, what do you do?
    Pedro Leonardo: Pardon? I don't understand that question.
    David Henry: Do you work some were?
    Pedro Leonardo: Why, yes I do. I work in a factory downtown.
    David Henry: Oh.. Do you now? I've seen it. It's not a bad place to be.
    Pedro Leonardo: No sir, I believe its a rather fine place to work, in fact, I'm going to stay until I'm 18.
    David Henry: What are you going to do when you reach the age of 18?
    Pedro Leonardo: Stands up and stretches, and says, I believe I'm going to run a business.
    David Henry: Oh, I better go, I'm going to be late.
    Pedro Leonardo: Goodbye my friend.
    David Henry: Stands up and walks down the pathway.
    Pedro Leonardo: Stand up, grabs his basket and heads the opposite way.

    What is admin abuse?: Admin abuse is abusing the power you have rights to.

    Give an example of admin abuse: An example of admin abuse is "arp_createbank (name) $50000" without the owners permission. Another example of admin abuse is "arp_ban (name) (-32583) (Reason: I don't like your attitude)."

    Correct this line:

    Billy Bob was going to be an administrator but didn't learn enough English to get the job.

    Tell me why you want to be an admin:
    I would want to be admin to help the server get going. I know many admin commands. I'm a easy going admin, my rule is basically 3 strikes and your out. If anyone is dming or doing other unacceptable things in the server, they will be kicked, if it is bad enough, they will have a ban. As I said before, I'm an easy going admin, and I believe I can get the job done.


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