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    The Kings Application Posted by James Hermit.


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    The Kings Application Posted by James Hermit.

    Post  Hermit on Tue Dec 15, 2009 9:40 pm

    Name: James Hermit.

    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:14661720.

    Name of Org: The Kings.

    How long you've been RPing: I've been Role Playing for about 4 to 5 years now, I've been in many organizations. And I've actually owned a few organizations recently.

    Purpose: The purpose of this organization is it will make the server a lot more creative. This will give people a feeling of what a real mafia is. The main purpose of this organization is the Role Play.

    Legal/Illegal/Neutral: This is a Illegal organization / Crime organization.

    Chapter 1, Were the fuck am I?

    Mr. Hermit woke up on the cold floor. He got on his feet and looked around the mysterious room he was in. He saw nothing but white! He rubbed his eyes and looked again, he couldn't believe it! There was the color white every were! He was curious were he was. But... he couldn't remember a thing. (Mr. Hermit was a very crazy man, little did he know, hes in the white room.) He was shaking in fear. He didn't know were he was, he wanted to be home! But then he scratched his head and said... Maybe this is home, maybe this is were I live? He thought hard about it, then he said, no! This can't be a home! This isn't homey at all! Then he heard loud scratches at the door... He places his ear against the cold metal door.

    Chapter 2, Holy shit! That backfired!
    Mr. Hermit noticed every scratch became louder and louder each time! He thought he was going crazy! He would've tried opening the door and ran but he was to afraid of what the noise was, it could be a murderer, or a robber! Or maybe even a druggy! Mr. Hermit was a paranoid man. He leaned against the door even more and then he jumped because of a loud ''Dink dink dink''. It sounded like someone was knocking on his door. Someone opened the door, they were in white coats. They had a syringe. Mr. Hermit nearly shit his pants, in his head he thought, that syringe was huge! He ran towards them, kicked one man, and a big guy came in and held him down. He said in his head, that backfired. Suddenly, he blacked out, again.

    Chapter 3, Okay, really, what the fuck?
    He jumped up, and started swinging punches thinking the men were still there, but this time... He wasn't in his ''home'' but instead, he was in a room that turned purple, wait no! Blue, wait no! Orange, wait no! All of these random colors were flashing all over, maybe it was the same room, maybe something just wrong with his eyes. (It's the exact same room, the affect of what was injected from the syringe caused the colors.) He thought, oh no! What if I'm going blind! James smacked his self in the head, he shouted no! There IS a way to get out!

    Chapter 4, Escape from the Mental Hospital.
    Mr. Hermit (aka James) looked around the flashing room, he saw a vent! But he didn't know exactly how to get up the vent, he can climb in, but there was no ladder in it. He thought for a good hour, then he realized, he can place his back against one side and his legs against the other, and just climb up that way. (3 hours later...) Finally, after the 16th try, it was a success! He got up there and kicked the vent off of the wall. It wasn't screwed into the wall to great. I mean, anyone could of broke that. Suddenly, he heard an alarm. He started running across the roof, he dove off and hurt his arm, but he didn't stop running.

    Chapter 5, Oh great...
    Mr. Hermit ran into the closest alley he could find. There, he saw 5 men, one had a mini UZI in his jacket, Mr. Hermit saw the handle sticking out. The other had a glock18 in his running shoes. Another had a Beretta 92 with a gel grip in his back pocket. and the other two had knives. All of them suddenly pulled their weapons on him and said in a gruff voice ''Who the fuck are you!'' one said. Another said ''He looks like a fucking idiot, wearing a white gown.'' Another one of them said ''I agree Phil, lets kick this guys ass for fucking with our business.'' Then the last one said ''Don't touch em' boys...'' He introduced himself. He said ''The names Slash, and you?'' Mr. Hermit responded ''I.. I... I...Forgot.. sir..."
    Slash said ''What dumb ass would forget his own name?'' Mr. Hermit said "Me.. Sir" Everyone laughed.

    Chapter 6, RUN!!!
    Slash responded "That was the wrong answer." Mr. Hermit backed up, they all redrew their weapons. Mr. Hermit was panicking. They started asking for money, and if he had any drugs. He thought in his head, what dumb ass would think someone had a wallet on them while wearing a gown. He felt really stupid of what he was going to do, but he didn't really think before he did it, he ran and attempted to grab a knife from one of the men, but the man stabbed the knife threw his hand. One hit him in the back of the neck with his UZI. Another shot him 6 times with a glock18 in the leg. The poor guy was beat up. But he couldn't go to a hospital, the cops are probably looking for him already! He started limping away as fast as he could. Shouting "HHHHEEEELLLLPPPP! SOMEONEEE HHHEEELLLPPPP MEEE!" Finally someone noticed Mr. Hermit, they ran over and attempted to assist him.

    Chapter 7, That's enough bullshit!
    Mr. Hermit recovered by himself. It took 2 years. Now that he was recovered, he wanted to kill the fuckers who caused this mess. He suited up into a black suit, placed on his tie, loaded his Beretta 92, placed 2 clips in his jacket, and went off into the city. (12 hours later...) It was now very dark outside... It was 11:34 P.M. on a Saturday night. He gave up and headed home.

    Chapter 8, Okay, I really need help.
    (6 years later...) Time has passed, he was now a lot older than before. He needed help to track these guys down, every morning, evening, and night he searched for them. The six years hes been hunting, he gathered men, Thirty men. They were all criminals, three of them escaped from the same hospital he did.

    Chapter 9, Fucking finally! I found these bitches!
    The next year, he had 50 members with him. He turned the news on and saw 5 men robbing Wal-Mart! They looked like the exact same people who jumped him! He ran down to Wal-Mart and gathered Thirty Seven out of Fifty people over a radio channel he bought on e-bay two years ago for three grand. They all pulled out their pistols, once again, Mr. Hermit pulled out his Beretta 92 gel grip. He started firing into the grocery store.

    Chapter 10, This means war.
    Over 20 people got out of their cars and pulled out machine guns and held us all at gunpoint. We knew now, they got more members as well. This... Means... WAR. I told my men to place their guns down. They disobeyed my orders. I repeated my orders once again, and they all threw their weapons on the ground. Mr. Hermit slowly started crouching, inch by inch. He dove and picked up two guns, while firing the two guns, he shouted to his men "PICK UP YOUR WEAPONS AND OPEN FIRE!" They all grabbed their guns and started shooting the group of men. Nine of his men died in the battle, that left Twenty Eight. They were all heavily armed, now, Twenty Eight of them could take on 5 people with pistols.

    Chapter 11, We were wrong...
    A grenade went over our head, it flew out of the window. We all crouched and put our hands behind our head. After the extremely loud and powerful explosion most of us got up and started firing into the grocery store once again. All five of them came out of the store, two of them had mini-guns, the other 3 had UZIS and Sawed-Off Shotguns. Most of my men got shot down but me, Twenty Three of them. That was only 6 of my men left. It was time to ABORT.

    Chapter 12, Starting a Mafia.
    All 7 of us, 6 of my men, and me, went down to the headquarters. Old torn up place it was, but it was a perfect size. We got our weapons from a man named Sueazi Pognazola. He was a weapons smugger, he smuggled most of his weapons from cargo ships in Spain. It was time, to make a Mafia, we couldn't beat the other gang unless we had a gang as well. It took Mr. Hermit 48 hours to think about the Mafia. He decided we would be... "The Kings."

    Example of a post offering your service/doing your job in a post:
    My organization will be a crime organization that sells and/or buys "Magical" items. We will place Assassinations on players. The player who places the Assassination must have a reason for the assassination. If they have no reason for the assassination they will be ignored. (Or they can do it their selves and get banned more than likely.) Before we do our Assassinations we will (Click the letter "U" for OOC, click the letter "@" and send a message to the admin saying "We have a hit on "Player" because "Reason" and were getting payed "Price".) Also, our dealers will NOT be obvious. When we are dealing, we will have security in every corner of the building, or blocking the door, we will not deal drugs in public. As for the gangsters, they are new members, we will employ them if they make a good application and work their way up. The Assassin and Dealer will have the same pays. Whatever their best at will be assigned to them.

    Extra notes:
    This organization will be a crime organization, I was curious if we needed to buy our own Headquarters? Or will one will be assigned to us? That's all I needed to ask, thanks!

    The Kings Leader - $50
    The Kings Underboss - $45
    The Kings Council - $ 40
    The Kings Dealer - $35
    The Kings Hitman - $35
    The Kings Gangster - $25

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    Re: The Kings Application Posted by James Hermit.

    Post  Central on Tue Dec 15, 2009 10:03 pm

    Interesting read. Accepted.

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