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    Ranks and Meaning Empty Ranks and Meaning

    Post  Colt on Sun Dec 20, 2009 10:20 am

    Capo -Boss of bosses, he is strictly behind the scenes, only giving orders to his most trusted, none shall meet him unless a made man or special exception.

    Consigliere - The family Advisor, smartest, yet the softest. The strongest word in the family, and is the most respected known man in the family.

    Capo Bastone - The Underboss' control all activities and delegate to lower ranks. They will be the in charge "decoys" for the capo

    Contabile - Financial advisor, runs the bar, and the administrations money.

    Capodecima - Lieutenant, usually in charge of a group of 3 soldiers.

    Sgarrista - a foot soldier who carries out day to day business of the family. A "made" member of the mafia

    Piciotto -lower-ranking soldiers; enforcers. Also known in the streets as the "button man"

    Giovane D'Honore -Mafia associate, typically a rank of a non-Sicilian or non-Italian member

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