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    Yakuza Org. Application


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    Yakuza Org. Application

    Post  atomicsmile on Fri Dec 18, 2009 2:59 pm

    Name:Bryce, Flannigan (if org is accepted it will be changed to Kudrasake, Agito).

    SteamID:STEAM_0:1:14933774 0 03:37 86 0

    Name of Org:Yakuza

    How long you've been RPing:About 3 and a half years.

    Purpose:Drug smuggling,protection rackets,extortion(will not include any other illegal Yakuza activities due to how many there are and the shear impossibility to RP some of them Example: white slavery).


    History:The first Yakuza organizations appeared in the 18th century. The first known types were bakuto (gamblers) and tekiya (street peddlers). Tekiya dealt in shoddy(wools and fabric) merchandise and protection rackets in marketplaces as well as prostitution and loan sharking. In order to maintain control of the marketplaces, the shogunate gave tekiya leaders official status, allowing them to carry swords and use a surname(like a nickname for only member of the Yakuza family) [I wasn't sure if the history was suppose to be RP or OOC so I just put the origin of the real Yakuza this isn't C/P) .

    Example of a post offering your service/doing your job in a post:(1 will be me 2 will be a shop owner) 1"Sure is a nice shop you have here."
    2"Yes, I do my best to keep it in order."
    1"well me and my associates would hate to see this place catch fire or get vandalized for a small monthly fee we can make sure that doesn't happen."
    2"Sir, you do not scare me now please leave before I call the police!"
    1"I don't think you understand what I am saying if you don't want to taste the steel of my blade you will pay me."
    1*rolls up sleeves revealing a tattoo that symbolizes membership of the Yakuza*
    2*sees the tattoo and starts to tremble and drops to his knees*
    2"Please don't hurt me I didn't know you were Yakuza I will give you what ever you want just please don't hurt me."
    1"Good choice now get off your knees it pathetic."
    1*puts sleeves back down and walks out of the shop*

    Extra notes:I think Yakuza will make an excellent addition to your server and will bring a strong respectful org. to your server(none of this is C/P I'm sick of people saying I do that because I go in depth with stuff)and I would like to have the Sin City Dinner as my hideout, thank you.

    Ranks:(pay can be discussed I was just going of of other common server org. rank regulations).
    Oyabun 60$
    Wakagashira 50$
    Shateigashira 40$
    Kyodai 30$
    Shatei 25$
    Wakashu 20$

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