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    haylees application


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    haylees application

    Post  haylee on Fri Dec 18, 2009 1:24 am

    Name: Haylee Richeson

    In-Game Name: Haylee Vladaski

    Age : 19

    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:821324

    Example RP post (4 lines minimum):
    Haylee walks into the MD, to see her friend and coworker, Diego, wheeling a woman into a room.
    "What happened?", Haylee asked, calmly.
    Diego replied, quickly. "Two gunshot wounds to the chest, bleeding and hemorrhaging."
    Haylee asks, "Do you need any more assistance?"
    Diego says, hurriedly, "YES! I need at LEAST three staff members."
    Haylee gets up and calls over the intercom, "Need all available staff to the surgical theater, stat."
    The double doors on the room burst open as white coated, young faced medical professionals rush in.
    Haylee says, "Diego, start prepping for the op. I'll fill them in."
    Haylee begins to explain the situation as Diego cuts the woman's shirt open.
    Haylee tries to explain the rest of the situation, when suddenly she is cut off by the woman, who starts screaming and going into shock.
    The entire medical staff takes their positions and begins to operate to remove the two slugs, each preforming a different task. One, stopping the bleeding, another injecting anesthetics, and Diego and Haylee, who are trying to calm the woman and keep the team together.

    What is admin abuse?:
    Admin abuse is any act of unjust towards another player or the server, allowing the admin to benefit himself or a friend of his, while taking advantage of the other players.

    Give an example of admin abuse:
    Example #1: Giving himself tons of money, in his wallet or bank, to buy the property he wants, even if other players have set a goal to own it.
    Example #2: Bullying other players for the hell of it, with slap, kick, ban, slay, if they've done nothing wrong. This creates unfair tension in the player/admin relationship, and makes users unhappy.
    Example #3: Demanding respect from players, just because you're admin. Everyone is equal, and you shouldn't treat others like crap because you're an admin, you should be on the same level with them, and help them in their time of need. You make their RP experience better. You protect from DMers and rule breakers. You employ them. You help them. You make the RP community.

    Correct this line:
    billy bob waz goin 2 b an admin but didnt lern enough english 2 b gud enuf.
    Billy Bob was going to be an admin, but did not learn enough English to be good enough.

    Tell me why you want to be an admin(1 paragraph MINIMUM):
    I'd like to be admin to help the RP community out, and relieve stress from the other admins. As a team, the work and drama gets split up evenly, so no one is overloaded with it. I want to be that person to help the new guy get a job, to show him where to buy a phone, where to get a house, how to have fun. I want to protect my friends and fellow RPers from DMers and rule breakers, like jail dodgers and RKers. I'm online almost all day and night, and if I'm not on TS, you can get me on Steam Friends (sp00k@gulftel.com) or my MSN (p4r4d0x@live.com), since most people already have me added. I'm one of the people that enjoy RP, and take it seriously. I like what I do, and I'm willing to protect that. I want RP to be fun, not a task.

    Thank you for you time, I'm glad you took the time to read this.

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