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    Ace Magnum's Application


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    Ace Magnum's Application

    Post  boomgod on Fri Dec 18, 2009 12:03 am

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:311696

    IC - Name: Ace Magnum

    OOC - How long have you been play TSRP?: About 3 years

    IC - Why do you want to join this organization: I had been in this line of work all my life, ever since i arrived in Iburg i joined the local mafia to earn some pocket money. Now after i moved here, i feel that this line of work suits me more than any other.

    IC/OOC - What can you provide to the organization: I am a fast learner so i would pick up things real quick, I'm also fairly good at shooting which means that dangerous people will be down quick enough before they can do the organization any harm. OOC: I will Roleplay my job to the best i can.

    IC/OOC - Will you take orders from all your superiors? Yes/No: Yes

    IC/OOC - Do you agree to take all orders including going out and selling drugs or manning the bar in the club? Yes/No: Yes

    IC - How would you perform a drug sale? (Give an example of a RP instance where you would sell drugs): First i would look for potential buyers. If they are interested, i would lead them to a remote location. If there is more than 1 buyer, i would try to get someone to go along with me in case the deal goes wrong. I would then proceed with the deal. If the client refuses, i would try to convince them to change their mind. If the deal gets raided by the police or if it is an ambush, i would go down with a fight than let it compromise the organization.

    IC/OOC - Extra comments/personal note: Thank you for reading Smile

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    Re: Ace Magnum's Application

    Post  Ken_Berkely on Fri Dec 18, 2009 8:48 pm

    Come and see me for an interview.

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