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    Evgeny Proklov Application


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    Evgeny Proklov Application

    Post  Dorogi on Thu Dec 17, 2009 9:48 pm

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:10063604

    IC - Name: Evgeny Proklov

    OOC - How long have you been play TSRP?: Approximately 4 years

    IC - Why do you want to join this organization: Operating under a criminal hierarchy is in my comfort zone, i function under loyalty til death and since this organisation is generally a Russian syndicate I can easily adapt to the system as I am Russian. I consider myself a business man of crime as I focus on the beneficial aspects of the underworld not simply a gun and run, professionalism is encouraged in my books.

    IC/OOC - What can you provide to the organization: I provide professionalism, loyalty and tangible benefits to the organisation.

    IC/OOC - Will you take orders from all your superiors? Yes/No: Yes, I take all orders regardless of my disposition to the individuals it may involve, I follow the hierarchy in the organisation and show utter loyalty.

    IC/OOC - Do you agree to take all orders including going out and selling drugs or manning the bar in the club? Yes/No: Yes, an order is an order and all orders are to be followed by a superior.

    IC - How would you perform a drug sale? (Give an example of a RP instance where you would sell drugs):
    *Phone rings*
    Evgeny answers and says: Hello, may I help you?
    Man on phone says: Yeah i was ah looking for alittle product ya know?
    Evgeny: Meet me at diner in 10 minutes and do not be late.
    Man: Yeah yeah sure.
    *Evgeny and Man both sit at diner*
    Evgeny: Ok now what is it you desire?
    Man: i was looking for maybe 5 keys of coke
    Evgeny: Take this and tell me if you continue to want it.
    Man: oh yer fuck man ill definately take the 5 keys
    Evgeny: Ok, go about your day but keep your schedule open because i will call upon you and when i do, be ready to get to a location as soon as possible, you got it?
    Man: Yes yes ok
    Evgeny on phone: Back of diner, be there.
    *Hang up*
    *Evgeny and Man complete transaction*
    Evgeny: Call when you need more product and i assure you will desire more.
    Man: yeah ok man see ya round

    IC/OOC - Extra comments/personal note: There are no more comments necessary. All information is above i believe.

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    Re: Evgeny Proklov Application

    Post  Ken_Berkely on Thu Dec 17, 2009 10:04 pm


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