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    Hey, IM Trevor Clash!

    Trevor Clash

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    Hey, IM Trevor Clash!

    Post  Trevor Clash on Thu Dec 17, 2009 8:55 pm

    Hey guys, this is a new bio, comment and tell me what you think. If you see any mistakes tell me!

    Trevor Clash started his early childhood in Iburg where his parent left him in a hotel all by himself. At the time he was at the young at of 13. He attended school and learned everything he needed to know to survive in life. He was always pushed around at school because he did not like to talk to people but was too caught up in having his grades be the best they could be. This build up of inner aggression will soon play affect later in his life. To pay for his rent and also to pay for living conditions and food, Trevor worked at the local Edeka and was the cashier. A couple years later, Trevor moved to a city name FiskCity. He moved to this location because it was more run-down and could afford to live here more then he could in Iburg. He found himself a comfortable place in the sewers and started working once more at the local Edeka. This time instead of being fair and honest, Trevor started stealing things from the shelves and making sure the security camera didn’t see anything. With these devious actions Trevor became more and more troublesome. After awhile he decided to get a couple of kids he found drifting around the city and started talking to them. He was only 16 and was not in school, just living on the streets. Eventually he came to the decision to ask his friends if that wanted to start a gang that would rules the streets. Willing, the friend humbly accepted starting the beginning of the East Side Brothers. This brotherhood was something that Trevor loved because he actually had friend for the first time in his life. He was worried because he had never been a trouble maker and being put in jail would either have to make him move away from the city or avoid the cops or just stay in prison, which was a scary thought for Trevor. Eventually the brotherhood built so strong that they were able to start making jobs in the org. People were gun dealers, drug dealers, spies, soldiers. This became a full time job for everyone who was in the org, and it was a very successful one to. After awhile at the age of 18 Trevor decided he wanted to join the marines. So from 18-21 years old he joined and finished the marines. He went there to get stronger, and build up a better sense of what to do in his life. Being in the law force make him think more like a cop, this help him even more when it comes to the black-market. Now at the age of 23, Trevor is entering a new city, filling with opportunities and new people. Some of these people he will like and will make friend with. Some he will not. Trevor, now at this prime age he is ready to take on everything, and hopefully will build up friendship leading to brotherhoods he can join!

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