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    Vice trusios organisation application


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    Vice trusios organisation application

    Post  Vice on Thu Dec 17, 2009 8:03 pm

    Name: Vice Trusio

    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:14035406

    Name of Org: Inztant Storage (existing strorage company)

    How long you've been RPing: I have been rping for about 5-6 years

    Purpose: The purpose of this organisation is to bring a whole new additive to the current organisations existing such as the bratva being the main contender. This storage company, which will take hold of the existing storage facility hq, will fascilitate all needs for illegal as well as legal storage, this will in turn, invoke new rp situations for organisations, bringing allie-ship and mass drug situations with wepaons drugs and alcohol storage. This organisation can and will work as it has no room for error and me being the leader of this orginasation i will make sure things are kept efficient and in harmony with all other organisations.

    Legal/Illegal/Neutral: mainly focusing on illegal storage of things such as illicit subtances and weaponry. but also not stopping regular people from using the storage id call it nuetral but leaning towards illegal.

    History: The history of this organisation is that of from seeming as a normal storage facility accomodating in a small city with regular people, in turn being a gritty underground system of preserving the business and thriving illegal substances that roam the streets of today. Inztant storage has always seen its way through going past the law with its seemingly clean reputation and business and knowing how to transport things so they get the all clear for anywhere which might create trouble.

    Example of a post offering your service/doing your job in a post:

    an example of our service to the community would be nothing more than a simple advertisment of, 'need to make space? put it in sotrage, need to make money?, put it in storage.'

    Extra notes: This is quite a good idea for an organisation which was not thought by me but someone who also can see this orgainsation going somewhere and preserving alot of business and rp opportunities within the community.


    Supervising director - $65

    Supervising assistant - $60

    Storage advisor - $50

    Storage worker - $40

    Box handler - $35

    Security - $35

    Messenger - $30

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