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    Tolik's Application


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    Tolik's Application

    Post  Imon on Thu Dec 17, 2009 7:51 pm

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    IC - Name:Aleksandr 'Tolik' Kaidanovsky

    OOC - How long have you been playing TSRP?: ~7 years.

    IC - Why do you want to join this organization: Similar goals.

    IC/OOC - What can you provide to the organization:IC: Loyalty and strength, no second guesses.
    OOC: Knowledge of how to roleplay and not be an idiot.

    IC/OOC - Will you take orders from all your superiors? Yes/No: Without question.

    IC/OOC - Do you agree to take all orders including going out and selling drugs or manning the bar in the club? Yes/No: Yes.

    IC - How would you perform a drug sale? (Give an example of a RP instance where you would sell drugs):
    Always with a partner, Charon, we would scout for potential customers. Using code, we would offer the product to potential clients. If they accept, a remote location would be chosen for the transaction, taking precautions to make sure no mishaps come into play. If they declined the offer, we would "convince" them otherwise.

    IC/OOC - Extra comments/personal note: Former Pripyat explorers. Seasoned mercs who know how to take care of business.

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    Re: Tolik's Application

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