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    Hii i'm haylee


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    Hii i'm haylee

    Post  haylee on Tue Dec 15, 2009 6:28 am

    hello everyone. you may or may not know me, but here's a little about myself.

    my name is haylee richeson, althrough i use vladaski in game. i'm 19 years old. i've been gaming and working with computers my entire life, so i know what i'm doing, and you don't have to really dumb anything down for me. i work exceptionally well with software and hardware issues, although i'm not limited to them, as i know my fair share of html, phbb, etc etc.

    i've been playing ts for about 5 years. i'm a fairly easy person to get along with, so long as you don't treat me like crap. i'll treat you like you treat me.

    i believe in equality, so i'll help you as much as i can, as long as you help me as well. i do my best to have a good time and create friendly and fun rp for everyone to enjoy.

    i come to tsrp hoping to make friends who i'll carry on conversations with in and outside of ts. i enjoy talking about peoples lives. i generally open up well to people, so i expect you to do the same! i'm not the kind of chatty girl that breaks promises. i hope we can all be friends!

    add me on steam at : sp00k@gulftel.com
    or msn at : p4r4d0x@live.com

    i hope to see you all in game!

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