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    Zyrokes Admin App

    Post  Zyroke on Thu Dec 17, 2009 5:58 pm

    Name: Zyroke Lakon

    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:1484713

    Example RP post (4 lines minimum):

    This is the only thing I have documented at the time, Sorry Greg for posting this. Read for the laughs i the middle, and it does cut off at the end very suddenly, I had to eat.

    * ¥ƒancy¥ is sitting in his office with several papers scrambled about. He looks a bit frustrated, and is hunched over leaning on his elbow with his pen clenched in his other hand.
    * gregory2nd An Officer walks upto The Chief(?)'s Office and knocks several times "Sir, There is a Man to see you by the name of... Bilken." Borris Stood across the Police Front desk In his Russian Spetznaz Fatigues and a grey Civi top.
    * ¥ƒancy¥ sighs without glancing from his papers. "Send him in."
    * gregory2nd Borris walks into the office and stood Opposite Fancy, He stood Erect and saluted the chief without a word. A very Militaristic proffesionalism was around him.
    * ¥ƒancy¥ doesn't move his head much, yet shifts his eyes upward to observe the solider. "And how can I be of service to you for today?"
    * gregory2nd speaks loudly, In a russian accent. "I am here for employment, I had sent a resume in the other day..." He lowed his had to his side and stood 'At ease'. He spread his feet to shoulder width, put his hand behind his back, and Slouched his back slightly.
    * ¥ƒancy¥ lifts his eye brow for a moment, and eventually makes his way to sitting up to observe you. "So your the man who I'd thought I'd never see. Interesting." Zyroke lifts his hand to his chin and begins to observe you head to toe, nodding in approval. Zyroke recalls the mans background on the resume, "Hmm, I must say, I'm rather impressed."
    * gregory2nd Recalled his combat experience. Four Years russian Special forces, 4 Years prior to that as an Officer in the Russian military. Many combat operations, and many more classified. "Da, Thank you sir."
    * ¥ƒancy¥ gives a final nod. "Yes, yes. It'd be a damned honor to have you serve with us." Zyroke shuffles through some papers to attempt to organize. He assumes both elbows on his desk and rests his head on his fists staring at you with a slight smile, "So, when can you start?"
    * ¥ƒancy¥ chuckles slightly.
    gregory2nd: ((Queer.))
    * gregory2nd Looks at him without a facial expression "When can i get my badge?"
    ¥ƒancy¥: ((Que?))
    gregory2nd: (( "Assumes both elbows on his desk and rests his head on his fists staring at you with a slight smile,"))
    ¥ƒancy¥: (( Ah, I described that stance wrong, my apologies))
    gregory2nd: (( http://designchampagne.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/willy-wonka-wilder.jpg ))
    gregory2nd: (( i immdiatly thought Gene wilder, pedophile ))
    ¥ƒancy¥: ((genius))
    * ¥ƒancy¥ reaches into his desk and grabs a badge, revealing it, and moving on to toss it to you. "Nothing fancy quite yet, we'll see once things start getting less hectic around here. Now be off, Weapons are around the corner, familiarize yourself with the force. Welcome to the Sin City Police Department."

    What is admin abuse?:

    Using your power in any way to benefit yourself, others, or their wants. Administration powers should be used to benefit the overall good of the server, for everyone.

    Give an example of admin abuse: arp_createmoney 200,000 Zyroke. Slapping/kicking/slaying people randomly. Getting yourself more respect from players via admin. Making it clear that your an admin, and expecting more privileges in RP.

    Correct this line:
    billy bob waz goin 2 b an admin but didnt lern enough english 2 b gud enuf.

    Billy Bob was going to be an admin, but didn't learn English to be qualified.

    Tell me why you want to be an admin(1 paragraph MINIMUM): I want to be an admin to benefit the server. I want to be an admin to clear up all the chaos and complaining do in the server. I want to be an admin to decrease the turmoil in the server. I want to be an admin so Ken doesn't have to be cluttered all the time when your not here. I want admin to ensure this servers success, and drive away all the people who come in with no intent to roleplay. I want to make sure everyone is happy in a fair way. I want to ensure that something in which happened to Ender never happens again to anyone. I want admin to create peace and unison within the server.

    David Zeek

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    Re: Zyrokes Admin App

    Post  David Zeek on Thu Dec 17, 2009 7:48 pm

    I support you and think you'd make a great admin addition. I think one more is good though.


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    Re: Zyrokes Admin App

    Post  Central on Thu Dec 17, 2009 9:30 pm

    Acccepted as GM

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