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    Josh Burdine Application


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    Josh Burdine Application

    Post  joshburdine on Wed Dec 16, 2009 11:01 pm

    Name: Josh Burdine

    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:1454280

    Name of Org: 204 St. Gang

    How long you've been RPing: I have been RPing now in TSRP for 4 or 5 years I have RPed with about every major RP or TSRP. One including Zackscity RP

    Purpose: The purpose of the 204 St. gang is to become the most powerful and plentiful source of drugs, guns, and any other illegal means of making money. They will use any means necessary to get what they need. And This Organization will be dedicated to being a strict RP organization.

    Legal/Illegal/Neutral: Illegal

    History: Josh steps out of his shack of a house and looks up at the sun. His eyes tear up from the bright sun. He tucks his pistol into his pants and sparks a blunt that starts the beginning of the day. He walks a couple houses down and knocks on the door. A tall figure comes to the down and opens it. Josh walks inside and pulls a large stack of money out of his pocket.... "Is that all of it?" The man asks. Josh nods his head and throws the money on the table. The man points to the bag and Josh slowly walks over and picks it up. He then nods to the man and starts to walk towards the door. The door is suddenly kicked in. Three men run in shouting and telling everyone to hit the floor. Josh drops to the ground and is instantly kicked. He drops the bag and his pistol falls to the floor. "Stay down bitch!" One of the men yells. They grabs Josh's stuff and run out the door. After waiting 5 or 10 minutes Josh gets up and heads out the door. "I'm tired of this shit....." Josh thinks to himself.....He starts to pack his things and gather the rest of his little money that he had left. "I'm going to some place where I can run that shit..." Josh says to hims self quietly to himself while the bus doors slowly close behind him.......

    The 204 St. Gang started in Mecklenburg and is know for distribution of illegal guns and drugs. The gang is know for being rivals with the mob. The leader of the gang has moved and started a new set in Sin City to expand the means of income to the St. Gang. The gang has a strict know set or rules that each member must follow:

    1. Respect the upper ranks and do not question any order given to you by a higher ranking member.
    2. Every detail of all sales and interactions with people on the server must be Rped.
    3. Robbing or stores must be RPed IN DETAIL
    4. NO DMING
    5. All members must be professional and have RP experience

    Example of a post offering your service/doing your job in a post: I don't have an in game post ready for this section but I will let you know that I would advertise my items for sale and RP everything. I will not just sell items with no rp text to go with it.

    204 St. Leader $60
    204 St. Captain $55
    204 St. Lieutenant $45
    204 St. Weapons Dealer $35
    204 St. Drug Dealer $35
    204 St. Recruit $25

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    Re: Josh Burdine Application

    Post  Ken_Berkely on Wed Dec 16, 2009 11:54 pm

    Hmm...This looks great!
    You have Berkely's blessing on this.
    Run it well.

    Note to Central:
    One Crucial suggestion I must make is...
    To balance the need or orgs, each org must have something special to sell or offer in the way of services or items.
    Such as...

    Bratva: Drugs (+HP). Special items (Pick locks, breaks after ten failed attempts, used to open revolving doors). And a variety of other products like chloroform and so on available in "Black Market Boxes".

    Then another org to take up the roll of selling a drug the Bratva detests (e.g. Weed) and other possible drugs exclusive to that org.

    Yet another illegal org for weapon trafficking, selling "Itemized" guns (As in you can store them at the storage NPC).

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