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    Bratva Rank Descriptions


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    Bratva Rank Descriptions

    Post  Ken_Berkely on Wed Dec 16, 2009 1:06 am

    There are no promotions in this org. You are, what you're assigned to be. Though there is a chance for a "new job" within the org, there are no promotions, so please don't ask.

    Ranks defined:
    Bratva Boss - That would me myself. Running the show, calling all the shots, and having the final word on all moves.

    Bratva Under Boss - My right hand man, a man of great power, has only to answer to me, and runs the organization in my absence.

    Bratva Top Consultant - The lead consultant of the organization, somebody the boss would be in constant contact with, somebody very well experienced with RP, intelligent, and trustworthy.

    Bratva Consultant - A member of the consultant team would be required to brain storm with the other consultants about a subject that the boss feel requires a group approach to.

    Bratva Accountant - Obviously somebody to consult with about financial issues, would also be in charge with the ordering of our "Black Market Boxes" which would contain our special items that we would sell additionally to the drugs.

    Bratva Officer - A "supervisor" position in the family, keeps in close contact and constant communication with soldat's, dealers, hookers, and bartenders.

    Bratva Dealer - Once a soldat has been with the family for an extended period of time, and has produced good revenue with product sales, he will be considered a "Dealer" though nothing in the way of power or influence changes for the rank, it is still an honor to serve the family as a dealer.
    Usually found around the club entrance assigned as bouncers, to a hooker, or a random street corner pushing product, he is armed at all times and is to be considered extremely dangerous.

    Bratva Hooker - A street women who serves the family by providing "services" to those who desire it. Usually escorted by a Soldat or Dealer for protection.

    Bratva Bartender - A simple job, runs the bar, hands out drinks, changes the music in the club, and just generally keeps patrons happy and entertained with small talk.

    Bratva Soldat - An "Entry level" position to the life of crime with the Solntsevskaya family, takes orders from everybody (Except the bartender) and is considered an expandable person, usually not to be taken seriously, they are readily available in large numbers and usually heavily armed.
    They are to be found around the club at all times, and usually escorting high ranks of the family, and hookers.

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