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    "Laws of the Land"


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    "Laws of the Land"

    Post  Kyle2412 on Tue Jun 26, 2012 10:35 am

    Recently I was Mayor in the DarkRP server, and some little kid set up a bank directly next to my office. He was right in earshot. I know money printers are legal in a bank, but drugs aren't, and they were talking about drugs. Cocaine specifically. Having heard this IC, I sent the police in to investigate. The kid ("john holonski" I think was his name) started crying random raid. It wasn't a random raid I heard them discussing drugs. The guy then begun sending me countless abusive PMs. I sent one back and he begs to the admins that I get banned. The admins had been on his side the entire time, and one of them "Rob" actually RDMed me earlier that day. (He threw a knife at me from the Souvenir shop to "cause a distraction").

    Of course the admins online banned me. I don't know how long for, only that it was because I sent one mean PM. he had sent me atleast 20. And he was crying about a random raid Which it wasn't) AND he RDMed me earlier that day when he was a CP (He just shot me in the face when I asked to see the Mayor).

    I've only been with the server a few days and I had been really impressed up to this point. Perhaps today was just a bad day, but I have been the victim of a huge amount of terrible roleplay and terrible moderation. Please note I am only complaining about Rob, Tyler and Daniel. Every other mod I have dealt with so far has been fantastic, especially Stevie.

    Sorry to be moaning so soon but I feel I have been totally disrespected here.

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