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    Kyle the Grumpy Lutoner

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    I'm a bit of a roleplay veteran you might say. I've been playing it for 5 of the 6 years of been playing Garry's Mod and so I consider myself rather good at it. I'm also a very talented builder, and a pretty good shooter.

    But that's enough about the in-game me. It's all bollocks at the end of the day. The real me:

    I'm from Luton, a crappy little cesspit North of London. As well as gaming, my hobbies include High Fidelity Audio, Motoring, technology, and martial arts.

    My Hi-Fi consists of Proac Response Satellites and a BK Monolith DF driven by Cyrus 8xvs2 integrated and a Cyrus Smartpower. They are fed by a Cyrus Discmaster 8.0, my GuitarPod and a Musical Fidelity M1 Dac. The DAC receives it's signals from an Onkyo ND-S1, and my computer. I use Chord and QED cabling.

    Talking of Guitar, I am a devoted Blues and Rock guitarist, playing a Les Paul Studio and an SG Special.

    As far as motoring is concerned, my Dad drives a Lexus GS540h (0-60 in 5.4, 155 limited) and my Mum a 330i (0-60 6.4, 155 limited)

    And martial arts, possibly my biggest passion. I am a 3rd Dan black belt taught consistently by Grandmaster Keith Gray, who has taught the S.A.S, Police Force and Special Forces. And I teach 2 classes of my own with Krusader Martial Arts. It's mixed martial arts, based on Thai Boxing. It inclued Freestyle karate, jiu jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Judo and Kempo Arnis. I am trained in hand to hand combat unarmed, and with a massive selection of traditional and improvised weaponry. I have also personally worked with Grandmaster Borut Kincl, my personal friend and instructor to the Slovenian Special Forces. Professor Leon Jay, son of Wally jay, instructor to the one and only Bruce Lee. Also Grandmaster George Dillman and Grandmaster Paul Bowman.

    You have most likely guessed by now that I am also a cocky bastard.

    Get to know me and you'll either love me or hate me. I look forward to it!

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