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    A99 - Policies Empty A99 - Policies

    Post  askrobert1234 on Mon Dec 21, 2009 4:01 pm

    -Regarding Employment-

    I am REALLY picky with hiring my members. If you don't have a detailed application, or don't seem like a good RPer, etc. You will not be accepted into my mafia! You need to be a good RPer, have a (at least kind of) clear ban record, and you need to be able to follow rules and expectations assigned to you upon entering my organization. Also, if you apply and I accept it... Great! But now you have to take a test to see if you are good enough for the job in-game!

    -Regarding Assassins-

    Just a few rules about being an assassin in my organization. If you are one, don't abuse the tools assigned to your job. (This counts for ANY job in my org, really) and do not DM no matter what. If you do get asked to do an assassination, tell the boss (Me), my underboss, or contact my "Head Assassin" and tell us about your assassination offer so when you do the hit, we can organize something to get you safe from the police and all of us can stay low for a while. Also, (and this goes for all members) respect me, respect the underboss, and respect EVERYONE else in the org! If someone in our org is being disrespectful to you, don't do it back. I will deal with them and possibly kick them out of the org and if you behaved during it and I have confirmation of it, I might reward you! :]

    Well, that's about it regarding my policies! I will most likely be adding new things to this later though!

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