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    This Org is over before it started

    Jimmy C. Lee

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    This Org is over before it started

    Post  Jimmy C. Lee on Sun Dec 20, 2009 4:38 pm

    Jimmy C. was in the PD via a backstory and an offer from Central due to Itemized guns not working, however when an officer tracked him he was arrested and put on trial with the rest of Bratva for past crimes and the fact they thought he was a mole in the PD and was sentence to 60 years in prison with the rest of Bratva. Since the Org is in Jimmy's name and he owned it the Org and Ideas are lost to CJ

    Personally I think this is really weird on how it all went down like Ken getting killed and Illiad shooting herself, on TSRP I never really see that sorta stuff due to all the lamers and im about ready to kill my computer for making me miss it. I hope whoever DOES own the gun shop now keeps it in the same spirit to raise the standard of RP on this server, yeah I know I could make another Gun Shop Org in someone else's name but it wouldnt be the same for some reason :/ so to the rest of the Org's out there keep it up and watch your back if your doing anything *Illegal* jocolor

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