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    John Mandrake's Police Application


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    John Mandrake's Police Application

    Post  MrMandrake on Sun Dec 20, 2009 4:26 am

    Name: John Mandrake

    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:8230564

    Past Experience in Police Work : **Note** Its okay to admit that you don't have any experience working in the Criminal Justice field. We have many capable members of the force to train and help aide you along the process of becoming a proper Officer. **End Note** I have spent about 25 percent of my time playing TSRP (pretty much since it first started) as part of a PD. I've never been a super high ranking officer but I've gotten to the point where I had special weapons permission and was also responsible for training new recruits.

    Your Criminal Record : Absolutely spotless

    Define 'Rush Cuffing': Generally in a violent situation, the officer runs up to a suspect and /cuffs them without allowing any chance for RP to take place. ie- someone is robbing the walmart with a hostage or two. The officer runs in and presses his cuff bind before anybody has a chance to react and thusly defeats the entire roleplay.

    Define 'Deathmatching': The killing of other players for reasons outside of role play, or for just ridiculous reasons. Generally done by DM server douches who like to mess up RP servers.

    Define 'Revenge-Killing': When you or another person is killed and they immediately kill the person who killed them after respawning for revenge. Hence the name 'Revenge-Killing'.

    The bank is being robbed. You run up, pistol drawn, only for three armed, masked men to walk out, with AK47's pointed at you. They don't shoot yet. What do you do?: Keep my weapon raised at all times. Order them to drop their weapons and to come peacefully. As is the case in most situations they would most likely not comply. At this point I would attempt to talk them down and convince them to give up while slowly moving to an area with some cover. Once I deem it safe enough I would radio for reinforcements to help control the situation, possibly requesting snipers if the situation is serious enough. Once all civilians have been cleared if I were commanding officer I would order a few men to circle around so we could attempt to surround them. From then on it would either be a negotiating process (which of course we would never give in to), or unfortunately end with gunfire by the suspects. If they open fire I would be forced to give the order to return fire until they have been subdued.

    If at any point they decided to surrender I would have them place their weapons on the ground and slide them towards me. After some reinforcements have arrived I would approach the weapons and move them farther away from the suspects while keeping my weapon aimed at all times in case they decided to pull another gun. After instructing them to lay face down with their hands on the back of their heads, I would take at bare minimum 1 other officer with me to handcuff the suspects (no tasers would be necessary if they cooperate).

    Additional Statements : None really.

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