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    Tobi Kyrgazaki's Bratva Application


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    Tobi Kyrgazaki's Bratva Application

    Post  TobiROX on Sun Dec 20, 2009 12:49 am

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    IC - Name: Tobi Kyrgazaki

    OOC - How long have you been play TSRP?:
    I have played TSRP for 1 year now.

    IC - Why do you want to join this organization:
    I just recently got rejected by PD, so I decided to go against their rules.
    Drugs and shit like that.

    IC/OOC - What can you provide to the organization:
    I can provide answers for something, as I am pretty good at talk.
    I can get you drugs, from sources you tell me.

    IC/OOC - Will you take orders from all your superiors? Yes/No:
    Of Course.

    IC/OOC - Do you agree to take all orders including going out and selling drugs or manning the bar in the club? Yes/No:
    Hell Yeah.

    IC - How would you perform a drug sale? (Give an example of a RP instance where you would sell drugs):
    I would problably find people alone somewhere, and whisper the (Drug name) to them.

    IC/OOC - Extra comments/personal note:
    Heeey, It's Ken, I know you


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