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    Bryce Flannigain's Bravata App.


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    Bryce Flannigain's Bravata App.

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    PostSubject: Bratva application format Wed Dec 16, 2009 12:18 am Reply with quote
    (Type status in any server to obtain your steam ID.)

    Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:14933774 0 03:37 86 0

    IC - Name:Bryce, Flannigan.

    OOC - How long have you been play TSRP?:about 3 and a half years.

    IC - Why do you want to join this organization:Because have been associated with Bravata in the past and I'd like to come out of retirement.

    IC/OOC - What can you provide to the organization:Skill, experience an simply a guy who knows the ropes to how the Bravata runs plus I'm an over all good dealer.

    IC/OOC - Will you take orders from all your superiors? Yes/No:yes

    IC/OOC - Do you agree to take all orders including going out and selling drugs or manning the bar in the club? Yes/No:yes

    IC - How would you perform a drug sale? (Give an example of a RP instance where you would sell drugs):
    Drugy"Hey man I hear you sell ummm stuff if you know what I mean."
    Bryce,F"What kind of stuff?"
    Drugy"The kind of stuff that you put in a pipe and it makes you happy."
    Bryce,F"Hmmmm in what price range?"
    Drugy"50 bucks man."
    Bryce,F"I think I have the stuff you want."
    Bryce,F*Shows small bag of crack cocaine*
    Drugy*Examines bag with lustful eyes*
    Drugy"Yea that's exactly whats I need."
    Bryce.F"Money first."
    Drugy*hands Bryce.F a 50$ wad of cash*
    Bryce,F*counts the money*
    Bryce,F"Splendid here you go sir enjoy it and be sure to come for more when you run out"
    Bryce,F*hands Drugy small back of crack cocaine*
    Drugy*Itches arm*
    Drugy"Thanks man"
    Drugy*walks off*

    IC/OOC - Extra comments/personal note:I trust you will make the right decision Ken. lol!

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