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    Dibbie's Admin App

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    Name: Dibbie Knight

    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:10064200

    Example RP post (4 lines minimum):
    Joe Just came out of the 7-11 with his cell phone and $245 on him
    Joe Walks down the streets alone couse his freind said "ill be right back" and walked off
    he makes it to a corner befor relizing he forgot to buy a pre-paid card
    he gose back to the 7-11 for his card and befor he walks out he hares
    John:"ok so this is how it gose none can hare us OR THEY GET CUT!"
    Carl: "yup whats the plan boss?"
    John: "herd from a kid that someones out of there house and apperently 1 cop is on you stall the cop i grab the money"
    Joe thinks fast and runs to the window and ducks to see them and whats going on
    Joe tries to plan a escape without getting cut
    Joe Whispers: ok how the heck am i going to get outa here?
    Joe looks around and see's a vent thinking he cant make it he runs for the vent as soon as that vent brakes evryone stops talking
    John: "you herd that? we got a snake!"
    Joe runs as fast as he can down the streets and makes a left turn into the bank tries to bank his money
    Joe:/deposit 43...
    Carl: "hello and what might you be doing?"
    Carl pulls out a AK-47
    Joe: /deposit 435
    Joe: i was just about to leave so if you dont mind moving.
    Carl: "i mind alot hows about you come with me and you get to live get your money too or else!"
    Joe has no other option but to withdraw the 2K he had worked 15 mins to get with his low paying job
    Joe: /withdraw 2435
    Carl: "come on i dont have all day"
    Joe follows Carl as Carl leads Joe to his boss John they lock up joe and point 3 AK's at him
    John: "ok kid your freind seemed to have left and it seems its just you where where you going?"
    Joe: "I was at the shop buyiung my cellphone when i.."
    Joe's cell phone starts to ring if Joe answers it the gang members will be mad and shoot him if he dosent he may miss a important call
    Joe Thinks fast and makes up a quick lie
    "when i forgot my wallet so I ran back and got it,and then i came from the vents couse the front doors where locked and overherd you 2 talking the vent broke and i made a run for it can you let me go"
    Jason whsispers: Joe over here i got a plan keep them busy
    Jason (Joe's freind who left him) runs outside and gose to the PD
    Officer hernendes: hello how ma..
    Jason: "no time my freind is locked up with 2 goons and a leader they all have guns i think there going to shoot him follow me hurry!"
    Officer hernendes follows Jason
    Officer hernendes(intocom): yeah im going to need some backup we got a 402 repate a hostage situation.
    Officer hernendes: FREEZE NCPD! NONE MOVE!
    Chief donerlab ,deptchief frank ,and srg montercart comes out from behind hernendes with guns
    Chief donerlab: anyone who shoots this hostage will get a bullet up somwhere
    dept chief: and get some handcuffs on them you are all iligal of maney crimes,plaing a robbery,thretening a civilin,Force handing him to follow you,locking him up,carrring guns without licence,illigal store shall i go on?
    John: RUN!
    Carl reloads his gun and aims it at Joe has his hand on teh trigger and gets ready to fire,
    Jason comes from behind him and Carl turns,shoots Jason
    Joe pulls out his cellphone and calls his frined:
    message: get over to the place near gunshop hurry
    Mike comes from the gunshop and rushes in fireing bullets like crazy
    one bullet hit Joe and brakes the rope
    Joe picks up Jasons pistole and shoots Carl Carl gose down and drops his gun,he ended up in jail
    John onley made it as far as the MD he had 25 HP from all those bullets but also ended up in jail,Mike trated all the officers to beer,Joe had a med kit and healed Jason,Turns out Joe had licence for a gun afterall so he dosent go to jail he dose however pay a fine of 1K for killing someone its still murder
    Joe: "thanks dude without you Joe i could of been a new shade of red for these walls"
    Joe Leard to never walk the streets without a gun and licnecese,Jason learned to never walk teh streets alone,Mike learned... well he dident learn anything,and the PD learned to have men walking the streets from now on.
    Joe: "ill be back later for the 10K."
    Jason: "10K what?".
    Joe: "fo ditching me and thank you."
    Joe got 10K for free off his friend and saved it,after being hired as a Officer for a bit joe used that money to buy a house to run to now.

    What is admin abuse?: Admin Abuse is abusing the rights and powers you have agenst other admins or players

    Give an example of admin abuse:
    Jason Killed Joe with kunf fu
    Joe: "WTF!!!!"
    Joe: admin kill him
    Admin John has slayed Jason
    Admin John has slayed Jason
    Admin Jogn: "this is fun!"
    Joe: "that enugh he learned his lesson"
    Admin John has teleported Joe ontop of Jason
    Admin John has spawned a Sniper
    Admin Jogn has killed Joe with a sniper
    Admin john has killed Jason with a sniper
    Admin john has banned Jason reason i dont know
    Admin john has slayed Joe
    Admin John: cya l8r
    Admin John has left the server

    Correct this line:
    billy bob waz goin 2 b an admin but didnt lern enough english 2 b gud enuf.
    Billy Bob Was going to be an admin but didn't learn enough english to be good enough.

    Tell me why you want to be an admin(1 paragraph MINIMUM):

    I want to be a Admin to help out the server,and players as well,by helping police like if tehres a robbery and theres onley 3 cops, 2 are AFK and 1 is just a officer i can help out with the crime.

    I can help other players get the jobs they like or the jobs they need for money not just my hiring them myselfs but by interducing them to there "boss" who can hire them,i can teleport AFK players who are on the streets when its dangeris and theres DMing going on I can teleport them to somewhere safe like the MD or in the waiting room of the PD,I can help other players with any questions they have when other admins are busy doing other stuff like coding,gun spawning,or resolving a flaming issu.

    on weekends staying later on the server as a "night admin" to help people who will still play on the server so they have fun,follow the rules, and not make them think they can get away with anything couse im the onley admin on and im a nice admin,iv been admin a couple times befor,iv been a owner of 2 servers and co owner of 3 servers and full admin of 5.

    thats all iv got to say, thank you =D

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