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    Berkely administrative application.


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    Berkely administrative application.

    Post  Ken_Berkely on Tue Dec 15, 2009 5:38 pm

    Name: Ken Berkely

    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:9326242

    Example RP post (4 lines minimum):
    John Smith turns the corner after being cleared by the bouncer and begins approaching the bar.
    Ken Berkely looks up and notices the guest approach.
    Ken Berkely pockets his cell phone and begins coming up to the bar counter.
    John Smith seats himself on the bar stool.
    John Smith Anxiously crosses his fingers and looks around the club over his shoulders.
    Ken Berkely says, "Greetings, what can I do for you?"
    John Smith says, "Yeah, I uhh....Need some "Stuff" ya know?"
    Ken Berkely leans over the counter so his other patrons don't overhear the conversation
    Ken Berkely says, "Sure, what can I get for you?"
    John Smith sniffs.
    John Smith leans over.
    John Smith says, "Some uhh *Sniff* fairy dust."
    Ken Berkely nods.
    Ken Berkely whispers, "How many grams for you sir?"
    John Smith whispers, "As of now *Sniff* just five please."
    Ken Berkely nods.
    Ken Berkely say, "That will be seventy bucks"
    John Smith reaches into his inner pocket.
    Ken Berkely watches carefully.
    John Smith pulls out his hand, placing it on the counter flipping through some bills, and hands you $70"
    Ken Berkely nods.
    Ken Berkely says, "Just a minute"
    John Smith rubs his hands together and nods.
    Ken Berkely steps into a back room...
    A couple minutes later, a man in a white suit with a hard Russian look comes from the back room.
    Jeff Jones approaches the counter.
    Jeff Jones says, "Here you are sir."
    Jeff Jones hands you a paper bag
    John Smith grabs it anxiously
    John Smith Thanks.
    Jeff Jones nods and says, "Come again."
    John Smith says, "Oh I will."
    John Smith makes his way to the door and leaves.
    Jeff Jones grabs a couple shot glasses and a bottle of Solntsevskaya Vodka
    Jeff Jones makes his way to the back room.

    What is admin abuse?: Using one's administrative rights in an abusive manner. e.g. Banning a client on the server for a personal reason, or banning a client for an action performed IC through role play that might not have ended up in one's favor.

    Give an example of admin abuse: Going on a Death Matching spree and banning anybody that gets in my way or retaliates in any way. (I've seen it several times. Its a sad sight to gaze upon).

    Correct this line:
    Billy Bob was going to be an admin but didn't learn enough English to be good enough.

    Tell me why you want to be an admin(1 paragraph MINIMUM):
    Reason 1: I know I have high standards for quality role play, and would take a "role play" approach to making my decisions about administrative actions. Such as a ban.

    Reason 2: I am a man and role player who likes to control his surroundings, what I mean by that is, if something arises that requires administrative actions, I would be able to take action myself without depending on somebody else who would most likely be busy and or distracted.

    Reason 3: I mainly want to maintain a professional and quality RP environment for myself, and those around me.

    Personal note on the question: I believe that its bad to have to many administrators. But, I also strongly believe in an "Administrative coverage area" that is administrators (Like myself hopefully) to actually be role players, and interact with clients, not just act like the god of the server and never role play.

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    Re: Berkely administrative application.

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